life is beautiful

Experience the Experience

Hello all. Hope you are doing great and enjoying each of the precious moments.

Reading the above line….one comes up with two pictures in their head:

a) An unknown face (of me)…who has recently experienced great and happy moments that’s why she is posting so gladly.

b) one’s own good experience, sweet memories… (I would love to know them!)

Well, the point b) is totally correct and a) is totally different….not wrong but different !

An year before, I had an immense, intense, emotional and psychological experience for five months. That experience is nothing new and easily relatable because :

A part of world has experienced it and the remaining is making other people experience it !

Whenever I shared my experiences to my near and dear ones….they came up with very different aspect with similar conclusions such as : this is how people are and you will meet a lot like so in your life. This is how world is ! Its meaner, arrogant and cruel out their. Blah blah and what not ! It felt more like …. life is a stupid war… a stupidious warrior and how you prepare for this war – just don’t be crying….fearing…..getting fooled now and then….person. Though…that time has ended….Thank God…..But it made me introspect [ A LOT ] and I realized that I will never ever do anything that will make any person go through what I experienced. And, this has so strongly settled in my heart that I am literally 100 % sure of this.

I was able to relate to an episode of That’s So Raven in which one of her classmate makes Raven feel stupid and make her a joke in front of the school. Though, raven plans to revenge but in the end finish it up saying – “if I will do same …what will be difference between her and me !” Its like you bite her….she bites you…. we bite others and this will continue for like infinity ! First thing, why one has to bite! LOL. Funny but true ! What say ? I know this also that it is easy to complain, be fussy and full of criticism. But, the fact is we all do that. Its is difficult yet one has to self realize. Stand in front of mirror. Revisit one’s action. Just give it a thought what if some one said to you what you told others. How you would have took it. That’s it. Sometimes, we do not realize what our actions are leading to.

And, I really wish….that all people think so and make world a better place !

An eye for an eye will just make world blind.

So we learn from the experience when experiencing the experience ! 

 All are wonderful and amazing. Just a slight shift in thinking and their will be just peace. That’s it.

Have an amazing awesome blossom day !

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life is beautiful

Thriving Tides

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Hello all ! Hope you are having a great great great day ! I had a great one. Its evening up here. Dark and chilly. Nature has always been a blessing. Sometimes in disguise but

Courage requires Courage !

When I was a child. there was a wave to play - TRUTH or DARE ! We all might have either heard, or watched (live or virtual) or played ! Well, to note, Life also plays a similar game with us ! You agree ??? Instead of Truth or Dare; we have TRUTH AND DARE
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life is beautiful

The Left Space !

There "tends to" come a point in life, which makes your heart beat in head. The thing you knew will happen 'someday' is going to happen very next. And, while imagining all this the future


 Today's post is the most random one ! Its outcome of morning shower, chilly winds, me beside the window in morning with cup of tea ! Funny but the fact ! It is a Monday