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Decayed Qualities

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binaire opties wat is dat Few days back, one of my dear friend said – ‘hey, I am not seeing your posts no more’ what happened ? To which I replied – actually, nothing is happening only.  To which we both laughed and I realized, hey even nothing happening can also drift one’s mood .

watch Yesterday, me and my colleagues were up to experiment and were confident that yes, we are definitely getting the awesome result…. we will head to nearby cafe… have our exceptionally awesome chocolate cup cake and enjoy. Well, the result showed ‘ nothing’ for which we got a good amount of — from our mentor. If you are curious about us going to cafe, we did go and had two cupcakes each ! Though the reason was opposite and sadness was counter balanced by the cupcakes. It did work. Sigh !

http://www.hamburg-zeigt-kunst.de/?biudet=binary-options-trading-signals-youtube&8af=80 Anyways, today something happened which let me to put it into words and share with you all awesome people. So, mid- day during lunch break, three of us colleagues were sitting and talking (nothing new, eh). We were remembering our good old college days – PS : we ain’t that old.

http://bti-defence.com/language/id/dok-ing-id/ Our talk started with how exams used to be, how it used to be mental pressure with individual experiences. During which, one of them stated how she was bright in one of the specialization that she scored 98 out of 100. How she was so awesome that teachers used to ask how she does that.

http://podzamcze-dobczyce.pl/index.php/restauracja/assets/css/skins/assets/js/jquery-easing-1.3.js While I was listening and imagining how,that incident must have been- my mind whispered – oh, if you were so awesome, why you couldn’t answer a single question and give no input in the exact thing we are doing in which you scored out of the box marks.

http://www.transportbudapesta.ro/?kdls=opzioni-binatie&e7d=3a Afterwards, I realized what she portrayed in our discussion were in gist * Trading CFDs and/or demo gratis opzioni digitali involves significant risk of capital loss. resume merits!*

http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=mit-optionen-handeln The merits which were expressed as pride ! There is nothing wrong in achieving them but isn’t it better to have merits by which we LIVE THEM !

guadagnare con trading online In other words, “even if you walk the talk, don’t forget to live the talk”  Its not about being right always, but about having that skill. To able to grasp it, analyse it. Suppose, you love to make cakes. If someone discuss with you some recipes, you will be able to give your viewpoints, arguments. Even though, the cake might not taste that good but will be always able to justify yourself.  I am saying to analyse self as a person is not going to be associated with your merits only. Its your good deeds which are counted upon. Your choices. Your considerations. How you connect with life ! And last but not the least- ‘ http://www.backclinicinc.com/?jixer=opzioni-binarie-chi-le-ha-provate&613=9a what you live as !’ Just grow with it. Its like being member of PETA but prefer a Mc chicken.

snl energy drink for dating actresses If you have ever seen movie – the karate kid, Jackie Chan says to kid – Kung fu is not just for fighting or a sport – its the way you live. How it makes you more wise and also people around you! Now you get it. Its not just kung fu but anything and everything that revolves around you.

conocer gente en oaxaca So, whenever you come first the next time, don’t let it decay, but nourish it ! Nourish it with the values you stand by ! Once we start analyzing so with self then only we can start perceiving others on the same grounds !!! Don’t let your life stuck only onto a resume sheet ! See over head it ! There is a huge world and lot to be done. Lot to be happy about. Lot to share. Lot to connect….. So, let us all keep enriching ourselves. Grow and connected.

Happy week ahead !

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life is beautiful

Be wrong! Grow strong !

In usual discussion about how time passes away, my add on is yeah - I only get to know Sunday and Monday. A usual hmm follows and everybody is back to discussion. True, but writing
life is beautiful

Experience the Experience

Hello all. Hope you are doing great and enjoying each of the precious moments. Reading the above line....one comes up with two pictures in their head: a) An unknown face (of me)...who has recently experienced
life is beautiful

Thriving Tides

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Hello all ! Hope you are having a great great great day ! I had a great one. Its evening up here. Dark and chilly. Nature has always been a blessing. Sometimes in disguise but

You will not be successful !

The year is already ending and this is the last thing ever anyone want to hear ! Yeah. Time for the reality check. I know its bitter yet the truth. You won't reach the peak, your best and your pinnacle,your zenith of success ! Curiosity quotient : "Why so ! Why I am going about
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Christmas it is !

Christmas it is !
I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN In a wise way to say - I wasn't born and brought up by a Christian family. I regret if it hurt anyone, well ... I write, right ! so

Courage requires Courage !

When I was a child. there was a wave to play - TRUTH or DARE ! We all might have either heard, or watched (live or virtual) or played ! Well, to note, Life also
life is beautiful

The Left Space !

There "tends to" come a point in life, which makes your heart beat in head. The thing you knew will happen 'someday' is going to happen very next. And, while imagining all this the future
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