Christmas it is ! –
Christmas it is !

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Hai bisogno di ulteriori informazioni su questa impresa? Contatta pure l'impresa cosa sono binary trading Srl tramite i recapiti che trovi qui nella sua scheda.Da anni In a wise way to say – I wasn’t born and brought up by a Christian family. I regret if it hurt anyone, well … I write, right ! so I can be melodramatic but still, I am sorry. So, starting again… I wasn’t born and brought up by a Christian family In this post, I am simply sharing my Christmas experience and what it means to me !

here Back in my childhood, Christmas was = Celebrations = party with friends = fun all night. And, it still is, no doubt! One time, our family had some other priorities and it was decided that this year we won’t be able to attend the party ! And, this was jaw dropping for me. I cried (drama), acted sentimental (drama), stopped talking to all (DRAMA) and felt BAD..VERY BAD…..but all was in vain. Then, my Mother said to me….’its not always about partying and friends. It means more than that !’ That point of time, I didn’t get it but what I perceived changed the way I looked. Christmas indeed is a celebration. But, do we realize the essence of it. It has been celebrated since ages. It has been a symbol of love, peace, harmony, happiness, gratitude for so long. And, can you beat it…..that millions of people have wished, dreamt and prayed in this season. www marcolazzari it binario Can you see the aura it holds ! The legacy we humans share through the generations…. I SEE IT ! I JUST SAW IT. It is there……… the change…. in the wind. Today, Sun is little more warmer…..the birds seem to be more chirpy as if singing…….the wind seem to be tuning hymns….their is serenity and positivity……..

 That day was the day of realization for me….and what I am putting up now is the compilation of gradual learnings. The Christmas party for next year was planned for 31st and that same year, 4- 5 days back, our country was hit by a major Tsunami. The damage it brought had been unimaginable !

follow url I didn’t go to the party, but I did celebrate it. I lit the candle and prayed. Prayed with my whole heart and mind to give strength to all people there. I prayed for the help to all. That time I was 13 years old but now as I see myself down the lane, I feel calmer. Because, I lived the Christmas celebration… I lived the Christmas spirit. We all have read and watched A Christmas Carol, watched The Polar Express and many more….Me too!!! ‘n’ number of times and the impact it has is always wonderful. It isn’t just about wearing a Red cap, going to Church and posting a group photo with candles in hand. I am not saying, its WRONG….. its just more than it. By MORE I am not saying – after the photo go and party and dance, drink all night. By MORE it is the inner celebration rather than outward celebrations.

rencontres de blois universe As, its not just a day…… its how you lead your life ! Life full of Gratitude…..full of enthusiasm…full of love….full of energy….full  of blessings….full of peace…..This day we just celebrate and thank God and all around us for always living up with the Christmas spirit throughout the year and hope to be so the next year ! So, ending with the starting…..I wasn’t born and brought up in a Christian family but I am happy to live up to a true Christmas spirit and wish to be so always.

source site I wish a very awesome blossom celebrations  to all.

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