Courage requires Courage !


When I was a child. [hey I am still child – like ;p] there was a wave to play – TRUTH or DARE ! We all might have either heard, or watched (live or virtual) or played !

Well, to note, Life also plays a similar game with us ! You agree ???

Instead of Truth or Dare; we have TRUTH AND DARE !


Truth part is : what we face! our situations, conditions. Be it good or bad or just anything. Dare is how you face it ! How you act, react and respond !

Still, the fact remains **WE PLAY** !!!
(do we have choice, eh !)

Like every game (as we are saying ‘life is a game’) , it requires courage. Playing cricket in apartment lane with old friends is absolutely different than playing in an international tournament but both requires courage ! Courage to be you, stand as you, present you and believe in you.

“Courage actually requires courage !”

Next thing comes is – where your courage leads you to ???

Being rebellious, drinking n driving, dis respecting someone, abusing someone, etc etc – can they be classified as courage ???

What you think guys, because according to me it is so wrong that to do it – it requires a lot of courage.

Yes, courage – an outer form of courage – which is due to excessive anger, fear, frustration and mental break down !!!

My statement – * I won’t do* in itself is also courage.

Courage to stand with morals that are right according to my mind and heart. This exact ‘inward’ courage is the one which gives you COURAGE to Live, to look forward, progress, be fearless, and stress less !!!

You can see these experiences at individual level, group level and even up to political parties.

What say !

Lets take another simple example – you and your colleague were given an assignment. You do your part efficiently, And the other kept on putting on you, kept on been being busy. In the end, when the time is near, you will find the fear in your colleague increasing, leading to stress which can lead to tussle between both of you and may extend to a level which will hamper both of you. That person did show courage to shout, to put blame on you or to put you in trouble but coupled with a lie. It will only lead away from life ! There will be more chaos and stress. Hence, imbalance in life.

You will also show courage which will be with truth which will only lead lifeward !

In either way, you will show courage….but what will lead you lifeward is when this courage is blended with the truth !

Have faith, have courage and live life !!!!

Cheers !!!!


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