You will not be successful !


The year is already ending and this is the last thing ever anyone want to hear ! Yeah. Time for the reality check. I know its bitter yet the truth. You won’t reach the peak, your best and your pinnacle,your zenith of success !

Curiosity quotient : “Why so ! Why I am going about like this

I agree. But this question should not be directed to me but ask this to yourself, your inner person !

Lets see by example – Do you think Sachin Tendulkar, the god of cricket played to reach the top ! Do you think Leonardo Di Caprio did amazing work just to be awarded for the best actor trophy !  Do you think Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and all noble people did great deeds for the mankind just to be at the top !

Answer is crystal clear;  No ! Not at all.

So, what I want to convey is – you are not reaching your best because you are limiting yourself/ bounding yourself by some genre, some position, particular rank or any other grounds. I would like to explain further with the help of another example – we all know and watch Mr. and Miss World, Universe, Continent, country contests. Do you even remember any of them who after being nominated or let us say after receiving the tag of Mr/ Mrs World, Universe, etc they remain worthy of it. If you say “world peace” in any beauty pageant, that won’t make you worthy, in fact that is highly stupid. If that would have been the scenario, Mother Teresa would have contested in that. Or Malala would probably  be preparing for the same or she  might even contest next year (wicked smile)

You cannot reach your best just by connecting to specific category or rank !

You can ONLY be your BEST by – gradual remaking and re-engineering yourself so that at last you know how to LIVE! You should forget about restrict yourself ! You shouldn’t exclaim like – MY PLACE IS ON THE TOP, AND I WILL GET WHAT IS MINE!!!

Live now. Know yourself. Keep innovating and keep renovating !!!

Be into continuous reconstructing mode! Know more. Look into your eyes, ask yourself – Am I living ! Hear yourself more. De – limit yourself. Enjoy yourself more. Love yourself more.

Keep updating and upgrading yourself !

Bring out the better you each time and step by step, till the time you reach a scenario where people will say – Ah ! Do you know that person. He/She is simply the best !

Its not that you are the best that’s why you can do so . You can do so that’s why you are the best !

So, next time you want to be the best let yourself know, it will not be the end but the starting !!!!

Have an awesome blossom rocking day all !


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