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Be wrong! Grow strong !


iq option come aumentare il conto demo In usual discussion about how time passes away, my add on is yeah – I only get to know Sunday and Monday. A usual hmm follows and everybody is back to discussion.

broker opzioni binarie trade minimo e massimo True, but writing is one thing which makes me aware of each of the moment that passes by and I am happy about that ! 🙂 And, today is Monday ! And it’s gonna be a hectic day today. I know. OH, for you too ! I have never heard anyone so far saying – that Monday is the most relaxing day for them ! Have you ! If we see it more closely, what is it actually that makes Monday so dense ! Well, what I think is because we want things to be perfect. We want everything throughout the week be just fine and correct. And, this feeling makes us worried. We wish for a surprise and hope not for a shock ! Even a slight deviation makes us restless. Well, we all wish for that. Its good to be optimistic. All should be. But, but, but…ONE MUST thing is TO NOT BE afraid of being wrong ! So what, if it gets off track. Accept it and bring it back on the track.

watch Stock market pbs NEVER EVER FEAR FROM BEING WRONG! BECAUSE, it is what which MAKES YOU STRONG ! How ? Let us see !

Do you remember school or college days, when teacher used to generously ask us questions. If, I used to know the answer, hand used to be straight up. If in doubt, see here n there. Try to remember. If not, just hide – so that teacher does not catch you. It used to be a general way. What about you ???

Do you remember the answer which you gave right and how many !!! You may or may not. 90% NO! But, if you are asked about the answer which was just wrong and either you were scolded or punished. Definitely you would. Mostly, 90% you would !

Advantage – a) you still remember the right answer

                     b) you also know, what is the wrong answer !

Lets take another example – you are working, you had a presentation of your project or research or any work related thing. You prepared well. Did your best. Still something just was not the perfect during the presentation. You just forgot. You couldn’t answer. But, do you realize how lucky you are to actually NOW know how to do things right !

I have a friend. She is into medical coding. She says, she gets a lot of scolding because she makes the most errors. And, hey guess what ? She is now among the most experienced person, because she made so many different types of mistakes. Now she knows exactly how to tackle a particular problem precisely. Do you get it guys…..yeah….. be wrong…..and and ???? you know it now !

Make mistakes. Say out loud. I am wrong. AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT RIGHT.

Never let fear of being wrong make you stop progressing.

So, next time someone says to you – hawwww, you did it wrong ????????

Have an awesome blossom day. Loads of love.

[this write up do not promote people to be never right ! LOL!!]


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