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bästa mäklaren binära optioner Hello all ! Hope you are having a great great great day ! I had a great one. Its evening up here. Dark and chilly. source url Nature has always been a blessing. Sometimes in disguise but yes a blessing.

 Today post is about abundance ! Yes. The tides of abundance. Abundance of greatest pleasures of life. Love, gratitude, happiness, kindness, taking responsibilities still not let the kid in you vanish ! * get link all smiles, always smiles*

see url What say guys ! Lemme ask you – if you get all these things would you actually wish for anything else ? Leave your thoughts in comments. 🙂 AND, what if I say….it is already HERE. Its really just up to you to be at receiving end. To accept it. To embrace it. To make it part and parcel of your life.

source Yes, my dear friends. Love, happiness, kindness is all around you. You have to let it flow through you. 

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I still remember reading Christmas Carol. It clearly says – Christmas is not just a day of celebration. Its a day for marking celebration of whole of the year. The state of mind. When Mr. Scrooge decided to let flow all the positive vibes when he receives life with open arms then only he starts perceiving love, affection , kindness everywhere. Obviously, its not Christmas but Christmas spirit is always relevant ! Lets take an example from your life : flash up your memories guys – whenever you had a fight with your near and dear ones or someone scolds you or get angry with a total stranger; then only suddenly you used to start feeling lonely, depressed, you start wondering – no one cares for you. Isn’t it ! Could you relate !

sms dating haugesund Why ? Because you yourself blocked the gates of love and kindness to flow through you. Next time when you get angry re – run memories of great times you shared. Forgive them. Embrace life. Thank life. And then you see ! Like magic, everything will happen in right accordance. Try it ! Really works. And FOR ALL !

Curiosity quotient – well. There are people who annoy you or make you fearful. You just hate them. Its ok. I also did ! But what I started doing is – Start accepting them. Here by accepting I doesn’t mean adjusting but knowing. If I know that person gets annoyed easily you can’t do anything. Even if you work 30 hrs a day and put everything fine, it will just never be fine for them. So here what you can try First thing -stop being scared. That person is exactly a human like you are. Secondly, if you start feeling fearful – ask yourself – you haven’t done anything wrong then why to be fearful. Even if you did, you accept if and amend ! Just realize that that person won’t eat you up ! [until and unless you yourself want LOL] Do as per your responsibility, do as per your passion, do as per your conscious !

You have to realize. ball has always been in your court. You have to stand for what is right ! Right not just in your eyes but a fact in a rightful way ! So, just keep on receiving what is already there. Start seeing love start observing kindness. Be thankful for everything. Be high on morals. Raise yourself in intellect. Achieve heights and stay blessed forever !



That’s it for today guys. Hope you liked today’s post. What ? you want to add more points. Why not !!! Feel free to comment. Would love to hear. Let your heart speak.


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