onthewaywithanalogs, seeker sees the third parrot !

watch when I found  the lost,
I never knew this is what it will cost.


go here Did you feel it!
Did mere two lines make you stand still on sea shore!
Did it make you see the infinity in front with closed eyes!
Did it make you hear the rhythms of splashing waves!
Did it make you taste the of the aura (was it too saline ?)!
Did it make you feel the touch of cool waves on your toes!
Did it make you resist the gravity with which just lost the balance, found it back and sank in the sand!
Did it make you observe the marks of feet you made vanish in split of seconds!

rencontre sur facebook islam Now as your all senses have revisited the depths of your soul, did it make you smile ????  Hah !

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binary options trading signals video Well you can thank me later for bringing the good memories you have lived by ;p The time when you didn’t even realize for how long you have been there and the time just rolled by !

quale piattaforma usare per le opzioni binarie I hope you will not deny that we tend to have such *sea shore moments* in our daily life as well. Sometimes we let it go and other times we capture it.

source site I captured one. And realized it to such an extent that I am writing about it. So, here I go …. Its been almost an year when I full fledgedly took my passion in penning ‘on the way with analogs‘ . Before this one year, it took close to two years of experiment and measures to reach that time when I could let swing my imagination and plunge into writing. It felt wow ! and remembering it feels ultra-wow ! The urge to overcome fears, emotions and self doubt. It was one of a kind journey I started with. We all have! We all do !

go That was the exact moment, I had to shift to new city. New place, new people, new adventure and new experiences. I LEARNT A LOT. Meanwhile, blog grew into professional and after a period of months it was transformed into a website. The duration in which I was not blogging to learning how to sustain the technicalities of internet and websites brought the permanent hunch ~ ‘the time lag’ ~ which just drew me distant from my passion. More I tried to catch hold of it, more I found myself away; simply like a #Mirage. Literally, I have 50 drafts saved till now but couldn’t filter any to post, share and present. I seriously don’t know why, but I could just not justify it. It’s not about if its good or bad but the essence of me, essence of *being me*, essence of a human was just missing. I don’t know missing is the right word, but yes, the ‘publish’ button on the right corner was never clicked !

Well, now I am back to my home town. Back to my home, friends and family. But, I just felt that the zeal, the joy I used to have when I started to write just vanished. Whoooshhh ! into thin air ! I tried to analyse, give myself time, recapture but all in vain. Other side, the professional me was hinting for future fear, my professional growth, if’s and but’s were becoming the iron rods, enveloping me 360 degree. I know it sounds dramatic – but yeah, this is how we tend to be when things are not as smooth as we wish for !

Among all, I still decided to give self a time. With it, I started feeling irritated, loads of thought churning, the charm of surrounding was being neglected. Only turmoil…. phewwww.

It was simply yesterday, I got my sea shore moment. Standing in rain, letting the cool air brush my hair, I stood at the roof edge, the view was …. the infinite sky, misty view and it was beautiful. Beautiful enough to let be rejuvenate. I felt as if the soul of me is returning. I call it soul conditioning. Sometimes, certain situations, circumstances make it happen. No why, when and how. It’s the knock in heart. And, here I am…penning down thoughts from my heart. This exactly sprinkled bountifully life to my dead passion.

So, here I put it again for you :

When you found the lost,
did you know what it will cost !

Let me know what you thoughts on it !

Loads of love and blessings to all.

And, yeah ! I AM BACK:p

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