A Melody of Emotions

#medley of short stories

“Let your feelings flow freely, accept each one of them,
know that they are your feelings and no one is to blame for them.
Live from your essence and watch your feelings flow;
only when you accept them can you understand
the story of your life.”

~ Patricia Selbert

binäre optionen vergleichen A beautiful thought to start with. Reading this, my mind put it as “Let your emotions flow like a river”

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription This is nothing new ! Right. We have heard it often( even if not heard…we just felt it. Can you feel the chord being struck !). Somehow in the current pace of life, we have substantiated “holding emotions together” as a sign of courage and such a person who has does that as “victorious” or “strong”or “the man”. Let us take the emotions like river. If we store this running water a.k.a flowing river, it is called “dam”; so you ought to be damned if you are that person with ‘holding emotions together syndrome.

enter site, Corsi operazioni binarie principianti. Recomendamos el uso de IE explorer, Fire Fox o Google Chrome para una mejor Because you are high on Potential, low on Kinetics  and definitely gonna blast !
*scientific wisdom on the flow*

bpel processes matchmaking for service discovery Anyways,  be it you, me or any person – we tend to try to hold certain emotions if not able to reach the ideal above mentioned stage ! But we do – situations, perceptions, environment make us, right !

follow site So, the very valid question that comes in mind is how to let emotions flow ?
And the very valid answer remains is  get link to experience it !!!

The second valid question that sprouts up  – if I want to experience fear, I can’t Google ‘haunted places near by’ everyday for the experience !

Kinda valid answer – technology my friend …

Let me put it straight, we all should let our heart experience emotions. I am also not saying – that it becomes your last experience. ;p Letting out your creative side is among one. Be it through music or dance or sketching or just colouring or any instance which makes you pour down your heart and let you reach ecstasy !

One such way remains – **reading** !

I hope you will agree 200% over it.

Fair enough ! When it is about reading so much, trust me it really takes a heaven lot of courage to be a writer. To be someone to explore the emotions within and let it align with the readers. It is just wonderful. I got to experience all I said above in a beautiful world – “ 60 ثانية الخيارات الثنائية وسطاء تجريبي A Medley of Short Stories“.  En route one experiences the most simple and most beautiful emotions. As the title goes by, there are short stories but as one completes a story something binds you to read on to the next (soul of the author!). Each story let you cross question self, make you experience the situation and let out what we started with flow of emotions. Its a fun ride which makes a person see different aspects of emotions in not ‘next door’ but ‘your own door’ way. So, here it is knocking up !

If you really want to know your inner self, connect with emotions and  find way back to simplicity – then this book will actually do wonders for you. As it did for me  and many others. Do check this ‘Melody of words’ out ! Well the best offer remains to directly have a word with the awesomest author – ‘Vinayak Jain’. Do check him out on Twitter and say HI !!!!

Do check out his inspiration and the surprise  – it will blow you away like his book !!!

A big thumbs up to Vinayak Jain for sharing his wonderful work with all of us !

And do let us know, your thoughts on – ‘a melody of emotions’ !


‘This review of my book is similar to a ray of sunlight falling on a calm lake; 
the lake is already beautiful, but it’s inherent beauty is enhanced 
when its waters shimmer in the light.
kleine sportspiele zum kennenlernen A Medley of Short Stories is the product of
my expressions, my fascinations, and even my fears.
Writing is essentially about emotions. 
Whatever you feel, whatever you desire, 
whatever you despise, pour it down in words. 
There are great chances you’ll succeed at writing!
Also, I’d love to get in touch on Twitter 
with anyone who has a love for writing! 
Thank you to all my readers!’

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