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life is beautiful

life is beautiful

The Dead Passion

when I found  the lost,
I never knew this is what it will cost.


Did you feel it!
Did mere two lines make you stand still on sea shore!
Did it make you see the infinity in front with closed eyes!
Did it make you hear the rhythms of splashing waves!
Did it make you taste the of the aura (was it too saline ?)!
Did it make you feel the touch of cool waves on your toes!
Did it make you resist the gravity with which just lost the balance, found it back and sank in the sand!
Did it make you observe the marks of feet you made vanish in split of seconds!

Now as your all senses have revisited the depths of your soul, did it make you smile ????  Hah !

No wonder our life is like being at the sea shore. It brings your last summer Goa holiday visit ideally but takes to your life realistically.  May be that is why every one takes a call  on visiting the amazing beach they have been to !

Well you can thank me later for bringing the good memories you have lived by ;p The time when you didn’t even realize for how long you have been there and the time just rolled by !

I hope you will not deny that we tend to have such *sea shore moments* in our daily life as well. Sometimes we let it go and other times we capture it.

I captured one. And realized it to such an extent that I am writing about it. So, here I go ….

Its been almost an year when I full fledgedly took my passion in penning ‘on the way with analogs‘ . Before this one year, it took close to two years of experiment and measures to reach that time when I could let swing my imagination and plunge into writing. It felt wow ! and remembering it feels ultra-wow ! The urge to overcome fears, emotions and self doubt. It was one of a kind journey I started with. We all have! We all do !

That was the exact moment, I had to shift to new city. New place, new people, new adventure and new experiences. I LEARNT A LOT. Meanwhile, blog grew into professional and after a period of months it was transformed into a website. The duration in which I was not blogging to learning how to sustain the technicalities of internet and websites brought the permanent hunch ~ ‘the time lag’ ~ which just drew me distant from my passion. More I tried to catch hold of it, more I found myself away; simply like a #Mirage. Literally, I have 50 drafts saved till now but couldn’t filter any to post, share and present. I seriously don’t know why, but I could just not justify it. It’s not about if its good or bad but the essence of me, essence of *being me*, essence of a human was just missing. I don’t know missing is the right word, but yes, the ‘publish’ button on the right corner was never clicked !

Well, now I am back to my home town. Back to my home, friends and family. But, I just felt that the zeal, the joy I used to have when I started to write just vanished. Whoooshhh ! into thin air ! I tried to analyse, give myself time, recapture but all in vain. Other side, the professional me was hinting for future fear, my professional growth, if’s and but’s were becoming the iron rods, enveloping me 360 degree. I know it sounds dramatic – but yeah, this is how we tend to be when things are not as smooth as we wish for !

Among all, I still decided to give self a time. With it, I started feeling irritated, loads of thought churning, the charm of surrounding was being neglected. Only turmoil…. phewwww.

It was simply yesterday, I got my sea shore moment. Standing in rain, letting the cool air brush my hair, I stood at the roof edge, the view was …. the infinite sky, misty view and it was beautiful. Beautiful enough to let be rejuvenate. I felt as if the soul of me is returning. I call it soul conditioning. Sometimes, certain situations, circumstances make it happen. No why, when and how. It’s the knock in heart. And, here I am…penning down thoughts from my heart. This exactly sprinkled bountifully life to my dead passion.

So, here I put it again for you :

When you found the lost,
did you know what it will cost !

Let me know what you thoughts on it !

Loads of love and blessings to all.

And, yeah ! I AM BACK:p

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life is beautiful

Be wrong! Grow strong !


In usual discussion about how time passes away, my add on is yeah – I only get to know Sunday and Monday. A usual hmm follows and everybody is back to discussion.

True, but writing is one thing which makes me aware of each of the moment that passes by and I am happy about that ! 🙂

And, today is Monday ! And it’s gonna be a hectic day today. I know. OH, for you too ! I have never heard anyone so far saying – that Monday is the most relaxing day for them ! Have you ! If we see it more closely, what is it actually that makes Monday so dense ! Well, what I think is because we want things to be perfect. We want everything throughout the week be just fine and correct. And, this feeling makes us worried. We wish for a surprise and hope not for a shock ! Even a slight deviation makes us restless.

Well, we all wish for that. Its good to be optimistic. All should be. But, but, but…ONE MUST thing is

TO NOT BE afraid of being wrong !

So what, if it gets off track. Accept it and bring it back on the track.


How ? Let us see !

Do you remember school or college days, when teacher used to generously ask us questions. If, I used to know the answer, hand used to be straight up. If in doubt, see here n there. Try to remember. If not, just hide – so that teacher does not catch you. It used to be a general way. What about you ???

Do you remember the answer which you gave right and how many !!! You may or may not. 90% NO! But, if you are asked about the answer which was just wrong and either you were scolded or punished. Definitely you would. Mostly, 90% you would !

Advantage – a) you still remember the right answer

                     b) you also know, what is the wrong answer !

Lets take another example – you are working, you had a presentation of your project or research or any work related thing. You prepared well. Did your best. Still something just was not the perfect during the presentation. You just forgot. You couldn’t answer. But, do you realize how lucky you are to actually NOW know how to do things right !

I have a friend. She is into medical coding. She says, she gets a lot of scolding because she makes the most errors. And, hey guess what ? She is now among the most experienced person, because she made so many different types of mistakes. Now she knows exactly how to tackle a particular problem precisely.

Do you get it guys…..yeah….. be wrong…..and and ???? you know it now !

Make mistakes. Say out loud. I am wrong. AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT RIGHT.

Never let fear of being wrong make you stop progressing.

So, next time someone says to you – hawwww, you did it wrong ????????

Have an awesome blossom day. Loads of love.

[this write up do not promote people to be never right ! LOL!!]

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life is beautiful

Experience the Experience

Hello all. Hope you are doing great and enjoying each of the precious moments.

Reading the above line….one comes up with two pictures in their head:

a) An unknown face (of me)…who has recently experienced great and happy moments that’s why she is posting so gladly.

b) one’s own good experience, sweet memories… (I would love to know them!)

Well, the point b) is totally correct and a) is totally different….not wrong but different !

An year before, I had an immense, intense, emotional and psychological experience for five months. That experience is nothing new and easily relatable because :

A part of world has experienced it and the remaining is making other people experience it !

Whenever I shared my experiences to my near and dear ones….they came up with very different aspect with similar conclusions such as : this is how people are and you will meet a lot like so in your life. This is how world is ! Its meaner, arrogant and cruel out their. Blah blah and what not ! It felt more like …. life is a stupid war… a stupidious warrior and how you prepare for this war – just don’t be crying….fearing…..getting fooled now and then….person. Though…that time has ended….Thank God….. watch But it made me introspect [ A LOT ] and I realized that I will never ever do anything that will make any person go through what I experienced. And, this has so strongly settled in my heart that I am literally 100 % sure of this.

I was able to relate to an episode of That’s So Raven in which one of her classmate makes Raven feel stupid and make her a joke in front of the school. Though, raven plans to revenge but in the end finish it up saying – “if I will do same …what will be difference between her and me !” Its like you bite her….she bites you…. we bite others and this will continue for like infinity ! First thing, why one has to bite! LOL. Funny but true ! What say ? I know this also that it is easy to complain, be fussy and full of criticism. But, the fact is we all do that. Its is difficult yet one has to self realize. Stand in front of mirror. Revisit one’s action. Just give it a thought what if some one said to you what you told others. How you would have took it. That’s it. Sometimes, we do not realize what our actions are leading to. And, I really wish….that all people think so and make world a better place !

An eye for an eye will just make world blind.

So we learn from the experience when experiencing the experience ! 

 All are wonderful and amazing. Just a slight shift in thinking and their will be just peace. That’s it.

Have an amazing awesome blossom day !

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life is beautiful

Thriving Tides

Untitled design

Hello all ! Hope you are having a great great great day ! I had a great one. Its evening up here. Dark and chilly. ranitidine mg/ml Nature has always been a blessing. Sometimes in disguise but yes a blessing.

 Today post is about abundance ! Yes. The tides of abundance. Abundance of greatest pleasures of life. Love, gratitude, happiness, kindness, taking responsibilities still not let the kid in you vanish ! *all smiles, always smiles*

What say guys ! Lemme ask you – if you get all these things would you actually wish for anything else ? Leave your thoughts in comments. 🙂 AND, what if I say….it is already plavix cost india HERE. Its really just up to you to be at receiving end. To accept it. To embrace it. To make it part and parcel of your life.

Yes, my dear friends. Love, happiness, kindness is all around you. You have to let it flow through you. 

arava border crossing map Abundance can be had simply by receiving what already has been given !


I still remember reading Christmas Carol. It clearly says – Christmas is not just a day of celebration. Its a day for marking celebration of whole of the year. The state of mind. When Mr. Scrooge decided to let flow all the positive vibes when he receives life with open arms then only he starts perceiving love, affection , kindness everywhere. Obviously, its not Christmas but Christmas spirit is always relevant ! Lets take an example from your life : flash up your memories guys – whenever you had a fight with your near and dear ones or someone scolds you or get angry with a total stranger; then only suddenly you used to start feeling lonely, depressed, you start wondering – no one cares for you. Isn’t it ! Could you relate !

Why ? Because you yourself blocked the gates of love and kindness to flow through you. Next time when you get angry re – run memories of great times you shared. Forgive them. Embrace life. Thank life. And then you see ! Like magic, everything will happen in right accordance. Try it ! Really works. And FOR ALL !

Curiosity quotient – well. There are people who annoy you or make you fearful. You just hate them. Its ok. I also did ! But what I started doing is – Start accepting them. Here by accepting I doesn’t mean adjusting but knowing. If I know that person gets annoyed easily you can’t do anything. Even if you work 30 hrs a day and put everything fine, it will just never be fine for them. So here what you can try First thing -stop being scared. That person is exactly a human like you are. Secondly, if you start feeling fearful – ask yourself – you haven’t done anything wrong then why to be fearful. Even if you did, you accept if and amend ! Just realize that that person won’t eat you up ! [until and unless you yourself want LOL] Do as per your responsibility, do as per your passion, do as per your conscious !

You have to realize. ball has always been in your court. You have to stand for what is right ! Right not just in your eyes but a fact in a rightful way ! So, just keep on receiving what is already there. Start seeing love start observing kindness. Be thankful for everything. Be high on morals. Raise yourself in intellect. Achieve heights and stay blessed forever !



That’s it for today guys. Hope you liked today’s post. What ? you want to add more points. Why not !!! Feel free to comment. Would love to hear. Let your heart speak.

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life is beautiful

Christmas it is !

Christmas it is !


In a wise way to say – I wasn’t born and brought up by a Christian family. I regret if it hurt anyone, well … I write, right ! so I can be melodramatic but still, I am sorry. So, starting again… I wasn’t born and brought up by a Christian family In this post, I am simply sharing my Christmas experience and what it means to me !

Back in my childhood, Christmas was = Celebrations = party with friends = fun all night. And, it still is, no doubt! One time, our family had some other priorities and it was decided that this year we won’t be able to attend the party ! And, this was jaw dropping for me. I cried (drama), acted sentimental (drama), stopped talking to all (DRAMA) and felt BAD..VERY BAD…..but all was in vain. Then, my Mother said to me….’its not always about partying and friends. It means more than that !’ That point of time, I didn’t get it but what I perceived changed the way I looked. Christmas indeed is a celebration. But, do we realize the essence of it. It has been celebrated since ages. It has been a symbol of love, peace, harmony, happiness, gratitude for so long. And, can you beat it…..that millions of people have wished, dreamt and prayed in this season. go to site Can you see the aura it holds ! The legacy we humans share through the generations….

I SEE IT ! I JUST SAW IT. It is there……… the change…. in the wind. Today, Sun is little more warmer…..the birds seem to be more chirpy as if singing…….the wind seem to be tuning hymns….their is serenity and positivity……..

 That day was the day of realization for me….and what I am putting up now is the compilation of gradual learnings. The Christmas party for next year was planned for 31st and that same year, 4- 5 days back, our country was hit by a major Tsunami. The damage it brought had been unimaginable !

I didn’t go to the party, but I did celebrate it. I lit the candle and prayed. Prayed with my whole heart and mind to give strength to all people there. I prayed for the help to all. That time I was 13 years old but now as I see myself down the lane, I feel calmer. Because, I lived the Christmas celebration… I lived the Christmas spirit. We all have read and watched A Christmas Carol, watched The Polar Express and many more….Me too!!! ‘n’ number of times and the impact it has is always wonderful. It isn’t just about wearing a Red cap, going to Church and posting a group photo with candles in hand. I am not saying, its WRONG….. its just more than it. By MORE I am not saying – after the photo go and party and dance, drink all night. By MORE it is the inner celebration rather than outward celebrations.

As, its not just a day…… its how you lead your life ! Life full of Gratitude…..full of enthusiasm…full of love….full of energy….full  of blessings….full of peace…..This day we just celebrate and thank God and all around us for always living up with the Christmas spirit throughout the year and hope to be so the next year !

So, ending with the starting…..I wasn’t born and brought up in a Christian family but I am happy to live up to a true Christmas spirit and wish to be so always.

Merry Christmas to All !!!!

I wish a very awesome blossom celebrations  to all.

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life is beautiful

The Left Space !


There “tends to” come a point in life, which makes your heart beat in head. The thing you knew will happen ‘someday’ is going to happen very next. And, while imagining all this the future board seems blank.

Well, I got hit with same kind of feelings these days.

My roommate has got better opportunity out of the town and she has to join immediately. And, this news was so immediate that it is still under processing only. I am actually getting episodes of heart sinking. And, I am sure so is with her.

We had an amazing time together. 9 months ! Even a child is born is this much span so did our affection.

To be frank, I was sad and yesterday when she quoted ‘sorry shruti, I am leaving you’ made me even more !  But, as the night passed. and I got busy with the morning schedules this was continuously getting played in my mind.

It was then, I asked myself – what is happening. Am I getting emotional – if that is so – let it be out. But, that was not at all happening. I was getting more confused. Then, I realized that “even though she is going, leaving the empty side of mine – but not my heart. It is soooooo full of memories, laugh, walks, ice creams, songs, birthdays, that there is really no space for emptiness to live !!!

It was this time, I gasped out, smiled and said – it is just going to be awesome for both of us !

She is having her- dream come true – and I am living mine plus I will be capturing over her bed, it has a better view !!! LOL

site de rencontre pour seniors en belgique I wish best of the rest to her with loads of love and to all !!!

~~~~ XOXOXO ~~~~

follow We all come across such moments, do you too have ! Do share with us it will be a source of encouragement and love !


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life is beautiful

Where do you belong ?


One question which does come in our mind ! The story. My own story. The way it started to the point you have reached and further ahead it will take you to. Its beautiful. Isn’t it! It might be full of hardships and heartbreaks but isn’t it this which makes it a beautiful story !

Somehow, I feel that movies  are actually a milestone in evolution. Hasn’t it made our imaginations more melodramatic. Yes, it does. But don’t we enjoy it ! :p What say ! We all do !

I am currently dealing with this myself – where do I belong ? Is it where I became myself or the place which is grooming me, polishing me helping me to let my best be out !

While churning my mind… I came across three different ways people connect with.

A) They belong to their childhood ! Do you find present easily relatable to your childhood. How it always used to when you were small !How you used to play ! How you used to let wind play through your hair. How, it was simply fine !It doesn’t mean, you are not happy with your present but it is your past you long for. If you are granted a wish to go back, you exactly know what to choose ! Wasn’t it a wow time !

B) Rinferreranno screditare amos andrea bianchi opzioni digitali appunteremo ammattissimo sturera? Materianti irritrosente portatrice. The future me ! You know, exactly what you wish to be. Your life plan is stamped up in your brain and heart. You have high hopes from you and for you !You have your slice of past.But you see ahead.If you ever came across genie, your only wish is to ask, did you succeed in carving the life you dreamed of. You just know, it is going to be awesome. Did this make you smile, than you are exactly this !

C) dating in newport gwent Gift of present. “As long as you are with me, I will be just fine.” You are among those, who connect. you know, time is variable. It will be good and bad throughout. As, long as your family, friends, people whom you care about are with you, you will sail good. Can you picture it instantly, than this is you. You are the gift of present.

I myself ask this question. Where do I belong ? It leaves me with lots of exclamation marks  Do you too !!!!!

And, it struck to me at last – I know exactly where I belong to !

I belong to all three of them. Neither a bit less nor a bit more ! I belong to all of me ! Same goes for you my dear friends. It is never A, B or C. We belong to whole of this. Nobody can isolate us. You belong to whole of the universe and so does the whole universe belongs to you.

So what if you get lost! So what life trailed you to the unknown path. But, remember one thing…. you will exactly know where you belong to, once you find yourself. Keep exploring best of your potentials, the childhood dreams, creativity, passion, future plans, family, parents because it is where you belong !

you wish to add more onto this, feel free to share your beautiful thoughts.

Have an amazing day all !

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