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  source url Today’s post is the most random one !

follow url Its outcome of morning shower, chilly winds, me beside the window in morning with cup of tea ! Funny but the fact !

easy binary options technology inc It is a Monday morning… work lined up ! Cases, assignments, patients all planned and played within mind. What, how and when of the day were being analysed. Suddenly, my memory card shifted to childhood.The fascination of being creative. To do something other than the expectations. To nurture self with nature. To let self express fully. We all wish to express the fullest. Some do by travelling, some by shrieking at the loudest pitch on mountain peak. Some by the sea side.  To me it was dance. The way by which I let myself “go”. I bet you too flipped some pages of the memory book by now ! ! An individual who started learning and expressing through movements from the age of two has stopped. I don’t know how and when – I can make ‘n’ number of reasons ‘genuine or excuses’ its hard to say, it has been long, seriously long I haven’t danced. It has been 7 years now.

go site Anyways, this thought was replaced to ‘how did I reach till here’. How life has molded it self for me to become the present *me*. I never regret that I am not able to tune self into dance again. I take it as- I was able to sync in more to other ways of expressing self. I wished to understand science as wisdom. Life and its sciences. So, I did my education in biology field and specialization in genetics. I wished to write and I am trying to express self in a better way every-time. (what you think !)

source site follow Disponibilit Well, for this most random post, I have a very precise explanation which goes like…..

The very self of you will never ever go in vain. Your best will always come out ! Your creativity will be expressed. Your energy will come in sync with the universe. Be it this way or that way. Because of certain priorities, preferences, opportunities, limitations, society, religion you will chose a path but it will lead you to express yourself. But the only difference which will guide you to chose wisely is the humanness in you or the love, compassion within you for self, for others, for the whole world and the universe. This factor will decide whether you will carry on forward or get devastated from self.

As the cup was finished so was my thought and so was the relaxing time. I gave another glimpse to the sky from the window ‘yeah, the sky’s gonna clear up’ and got along with the day.

Its dark now. This day is going to end soon with shower and chilly wind. I lay warmed up in my blanket thinking that such * source site sometime* will come back, sooner or later knocking with the questions of why and when. What so ever it be, as the wisdom goes,the humanness will guide me through it – enter not just sometime,,,,, all the time !!!!

So, I wish for all of you beautiful awesome blossom people. Have a great day and week ahead.

binäre optionen max fischer Do you wish to express yourself, feel free to do ! Or you do not agree to the point. Share your views and nurture all of us !

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