LIFE IN GENES Ending with a Start !

go here 2017 is ending and 2018 is starting. Well, the bottom line is – “it is just a turn !”

Trading CFDs and/or operazioni binarie a livello fi anzizrio involves significant risk of capital loss. Life is indeed an adventure ! And it is wow !

imagen de mujer soltera feliz When I express wow, it retains 100% excitement and 100% sarcasm with no plus minus. Well, this space ‘Life in Genes’ is special because it reflects upon what I can give to the world and not what I gained from the society, experienced, learnt and expressed -which most of my posts tend to reflect!

eskişehirde forex şirketi I thank full-heartedly to THE BLOGCHATTER TEAM  for providing an amazing platform for people to share their essence, creativity and wisdom with fellow beings. This is unique for me as I am going to put details which will help society to be aware ! We all know medical field has advanced in a huge way and so much is under the process to such a level that we do not know what might be possible in coming years. One such important field is of GENETICS. Myself, being a practicing Genetic Counselor wish to share how genetics resources can help individuals, families and society to understand healthcare and take steps towards an informed decisions.

enter site iq option registrazione Hope, the following posts help all in better understanding and open new perceptions in Life.

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POST #01 – ‘Know Your Family‘ , It is all about how genes can play an important role in health conditions. And at what points, a person can identify families with high chances of genetics playing role and help them make health related decisions.