Onthewaywithanalogs.com – Page 2 – Creativity so pure, To make you lure. Not for more, but for your window to azure…… Experience is the sole teacher; no doubt. But, being aware of your experiences is something which surpasses the talent. And, putting it into string of words and presenting is reaching the vertex.*See the new through old with me*. Get a glimpse by simply scrolling down where I share my views, thoughts and experiences with fellow *analogs* beings in the most beautiful journey called LIFE.
life is beautiful

Where do you belong ?

One question which does come in our mind ! The story. My own story. The way it started to the point you have reached and further ahead it will take you to. Its beautiful. Isn't


 Today's post is the most random one ! Its outcome of morning shower, chilly winds, me beside the window in morning with cup of tea ! Funny but the fact ! It is a Monday
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